Sacred Heart Preschool Newsletter

April 2017

Concepts We Are Working On

  •  Shape: diamond
  •  Color: purple
  •  Numbers: 9 & 10
  •  Letters: X, Y, Z (Lively Letter sounds x, y, e)
  •  Sight Words: can, see, go (previous words: I, a, the, and, went, to, is, on, you)
  •  God’s Time: Stories of Jesus

Fun Things We Are Doing

  •  Learning the life cycle of a butterfly
  •  Completing our number books
  •  Planting seeds
  •  Golf ball painting
  •  Having an Easter egg hunt

Songs We Are Singing

  •  The Butterfly Song
  •  May There Always Be Sunshine
  •  Zacchaeus

Books We Are Reading

  •  From Caterpillar to Butterfly
  •  The Story of Easter
  •  Tiny Seed
  •  Sunflower House

Dates to Remember

  •  Easter Break April 14-21
  •  Library Days April 24/25
  •  Rose Field Trip ~ May 2/3
  •  Preschool Graduation ~ Wed., May 10th at 6:30 p.m. in the Social Hall of the church
    (Watch for a note with additional details later this month.)

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Spring – A Time to Grow!

We have some hands on science happening in our classroom. We have caterpillars arriving! We will observe our butterfly larvae turn to butterflies and then release them to the outdoors. April is also the time we do some spring planting!

Preschool Arrival – Something New

In anticipation of this kindergarten skill, following the Easter Break (April 14-21), families may allow children to walk into preschool on their own. It is still important that you do not leave the area until you see your child enter the building.
Please feel free to walk in with your child if there is anything you would like to share with us. We are always happy to visit with you.
This will begin April 24/25.  One more milestone!

Spring Field Trip

We have scheduled our field trips to the Rose Theater for Tuesday, May 2 & Wednesday, May 3.
Please refer to notes sent home earlier for details. Permission slips/checks are due by April 5/6.

Stations of the Cross

During the month of April, we will walk to the church with our preschoolers to do a special Stations of the Cross activity.

Bethlehem House

We are collecting items through April 5/6