11/13/16: Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Glenn CJ Byer, MA SLD

Over the centuries since the first Pentecost, Christians have often felt that the end of the world was at hand. Whether it was the prediction of some false prophet, the plague or some other calamity, it always seems as if the time in which people are actually living shows the signs of the end of the world.

But to be too concerned about figuring out the signs is to miss the point of the readings today, especially the Gospel. Jesus makes it clear that no matter what trials come, no matter what is happening in the world, there is no need to be any more prepared than we always are.

We are to live in such a way that when we are called to account, we can get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit inspire our words and our deeds. For literally at the end of The Day, this is what fear of the Lord as we see it in the first reading is all about. There is no other way to salvation except to be open to the healing work of the Holy Spirit.

And so as we turn next week to celebrate Christ as our King, and as we turn to celebrate the Advent and Christmas cycle of feasts, it is good to remind ourselves of what openness to the Holy Spirit can mean for our lives and for our destiny. It is no less than accepting and helping to build the kingdom of God.

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