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We’ve been a Stewardship Parish since 1979, but what does that mean for each of us?  Over the past few years, I’ve grown in my own understanding that stewardship is how we live out our lives as followers of Christ, sharing from our many gifts with a grateful heart.  Each of us, whether old or young, tall or short, thin or fat, has many gifts we’ve been given by God, and it’s our job to ask God what He wants us to do with them, and then to do it, every day, for the rest of our lives. 

To help us begin a parish-wide journey to deepen stewardship as a way of life, mark your calendars for two important events coming up at St Columbkille in October!   First, the Parish Mission will be 7-8:30 pm on Sunday, October 14th through Tuesday, October 16th, and each night there will be a different presentation from Casting Nets Ministries to inspire and inform us about Discipleship, Stewardship, and Evangelization, with a reception afterwards.  Child care will be provided.

Then, on Saturday, October 27th, we will have a Stewardship in Action Workshop where we’ll begin to work through what these ideas mean for us as individuals and as a faith community.  The day will run 8:00 am through 1:30 pm, with 2 dynamic guest speakers, and break-out sessions for small group discussion.  The parish will host a working lunch, wine will be served, and it’s a Husker bye-week so you won’t miss the big game.  And once again, child care will be provided. RSVP for the workshop by October 13th at or by calling the Parish Office.

These events will begin a parish-wide period of discernment on what stewardship in action means in our lives and ministries.  In November, we will ask everyone to complete a Time & Talent Renewal Card, and in the new year my desire is for a parishioner-led council to help guide us forward. 

So, I encourage everyone to participate in both of these events, and more to follow as we continue on our faith journeys together!

Pax, Fr. Dave




Tess Sousek
Director of Communication
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