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Recently, the Archdiocese of Omaha released a list of substantiated claims of clergy sexual abuse of or sexual misconduct with a minor.  See details of the report here:

All cases of clergy abuse are devastating, but we are especially demoralized about abuse cases involving clergy here at St. Columbkille Parish. 

Fr. Steinhausen, a beloved priest for many years was so loved in our parish that the parish center was named in his honor.  It was only within the past few days that we became aware of substantiated claims of sexual abuse involving Fr. Steinhausen.  The Archdiocesan report points out that the claims were made long after his death.  While we are shattered and distraught by all of this, it is clear we can no longer celebrate Fr. Steinhausen with a building named after him.  Fr. Dave directed the immediate removal of his name from our building, and it will be renamed in the near future.

As soon as allegations of misconduct by Deacon Duane Thome surfaced, his ministry ceased.  His case involved laying hands on a teenager with whom he was praying for healing.  This was in violation of Safe Environment Standards.  Details were disputed and no legal charges were filed against him.  He remains a Deacon in name, but is unable to minister.  Fr. Dave has directed that we remove Dcn. Thome's name from our bulletin and website, and apologizes for not taking these actions sooner.

If you are aware of any abuse or misconduct of any clergyman, or any person, for that matter, please report it to civil or religious authorities:

Law Enforcement: 9-1-1

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Hotline for Child Abuse or Neglect: 1-800-652-1999

Archdiocese of Omaha Victim Outreach and Prevention Manager, Mary Beth Hanus: 1-888-808-9055

Please join us in praying for healing, especially for all victims of abuse, for our St. Columbkille Parish Family, and for the whole Catholic Church.


Tess Sousek
Director of Communication
402-339-3285 ext. 104