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St. Columbkille Athletics offers a wide variety of sports and activities for both boys and girls in preschool through 8th grades. Crusaders Athletics are open to all St. Columbkille school families and parishioners. The full range sports program includes competitive, recreational, and intramural sports.

St. Columbkille Athletics requires all coaches, assistant coaches and volunteers to complete Safe Environment Training. This program is designed to help volunteers become even more aware and responsible leaders while fostering a secure, joy-filled atmosphere for our children.

Sessions run approximately two-and-a-half hours and to receive your certification, you must attend the entire session. Safe Environment Certification includes a background check and is valid for five years.

Online registration is required prior to the training. The training is free to all individuals employed or volunteering in the Archdiocese of Omaha.

Coaches and Parents:
Visit the page below for more information and to register online:

The Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act went into effect July 2012. The law affects public, private, denominational, or parochial schools (Statute 71-9104), as well as any city, village, business, or nonprofit organization (Statute 71-9105) sponsoring a sporting activity having athletes 19 years old or younger, where there is a cost to participants or where such costs are sponsored.

There are 3 primary components to the Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act:

  1. Education – (a) schools/organizations must make available concussion educational training to all coaches on how to recognize symptoms of a concussion, and how to seek proper medical treatment.  (b) Athletes and parents must be provided concussion information prior to an athlete’s participation on an annual basis that includes (i) signs & symptoms of a concussion, (ii) risks posed by sustaining a concussion, and (iii) actions an athlete should take in response to sustaining a concussion – including informing their coaches. 
  2. Removal of Athlete – an athlete presenting with signs or symptoms of a concussion thereby being “reasonably suspected” of having sustained a concussion (a) must be removed from participation, and (b) may not return to participation until evaluated by appropriate licensed health care professional, and have,
  3. Written & Signed Clearance for Return to Play (RTP) – an athlete having been removed from participation for the purpose of presenting with signs or symptoms or “reasonably suspected” of having sustained a concussion must have, before RTP or participation is allowed (a) written and signed clearance from an appropriate licensed health care professional, and (b) written and signed permission from the athlete’s parent/guardian.

What does this mean for coaches and parents of St. Columbkille Athletics?
All coaches will be required to complete the required concussion educational training on a yearly basis. Parents will be provided the concussion information prior to the athlete's participation. 

Coaches and Parents:
Visit the link below to access the required concussion educational training and resources.

Additional Resources: