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Fall 2019 Registration Opens May 20th!
Deadline to register is June 30th.
Late registration does not guarantee a spot on a team. 
St. Columbkille Soccer Club is first and foremost an extension of St. Columbkille Parish. The intent of the club is not to compete for membership with other local soccer clubs. Rather, the intent is to provide an opportunity for parish youth to develop their soccer skills and play together as St. Columbkille Crusaders, all while maintaining a vision that is consistent with the parish's call to Go and Make Disciples. We want to offer an opportunity for athletes to represent St. Columbkille Parish, and to do so in a way that keeps them enthusiastic about playing soccer.

Players register to play soccer based on their age, not their grade in school. The age brackets are named based on the oldest a player can be to play in that bracket. For example, "U9s" are ages 9 and under, based on state-specified age cutoff dates. Players are allowed to "play up" into older age brackets, but never down into younger brackets. Unfortunately, this system sometimes leads to situations where players will not get to be on the same team as their classmates. This is a State- imposed rule, not one determined by St. Columbkille. History has proven that the player's best interests are served when he/she is placed on a team appropriate for his/her age. While this is usually not as significant an issue when the players are very young, it becomes much more significant when they are older and player passes are more closely scrutinized. It's important to team formation to conform to State regulations from the start.

Whereas some sports do not impose constraints on team roster sizes, soccer explicitly does. The team roster constraints vary by age bracket, increasing as the number of players on the field increases. When a team's limit has been reached, no further players may be added to the roster. Attempts to circumvent this constraint--while they may seem "doable"--are problematic, burdensome and (most importantly) could jeopardize the entire program. Consequently, St. Columbkille Soccer Club will determine how many teams will be fielded each season and what the composition of those teams will be, subject to the State- imposed roster constraints. This decision will be made in a manner that is maximally equitable and consistent with the club's bylaws.
Players in these age brackets will only play in recreational leagues/divisions. This will give the youth an opportunity to see if they like playing soccer--perhaps trying out other sports as well--while also giving the coaches a chance to get to know their players and assess their skill levels.
  • The purpose of this age bracket is to provide players the best possible environment to help them learn soccer, develop individual skills, and build a love of the game.
  • Teams practice once or twice per week during the season. Practices are at the St. Columbkille Soccer Complex.
  • Teams play in the Papillion Soccer Club. Each season (fall and spring) is 8 weeks long. Games are played at the Papillion Soccer Fields located in downtown Papillion. Teams have the option to participate in an end of season tournament.  
  • The registration fee is $70 per season and includes all in-season training, equipment, field conditioning, league fees and participation medals.
  • Uniforms for the U7-U8 program are not provided and must be purchased separately at a local supplier chosen by St. Columbkille Soccer Club.
Players in these age brackets will play in either recreational or competitive leagues/divisions. The decision about which league to play in will be up to St. Columbkille Soccer Club, and generally at the discretion of the coach. Depending on the interest level in a particular age bracket, this could lead to fielding multiple teams in different leagues. On the other hand, it could also lead to fielding a team into a league that is contrary to the interests of an individual player (e.g., recreational, when the player would prefer competitive) because such is in the team's best interests. St. Columbkille Soccer Club encourages its coaches to engage players and parents to ascertain what makes the most sense for each team.
  • The purpose of this age bracket is to provide players the best possible environment to help them learn soccer, develop their skills, and build on their love of the game.
  • Teams will practice twice a week during the season at the St. Columbkille Soccer Complex. Practice times are determined by the team coaches.
  • To foster development, players in the U9-U14 program are grouped on teams with other players of similar experience and ability. All players are offered the opportunity to attend additional training both during the season and over the winter and summer.
  • U9-U14 teams play in the Papillion Soccer Club, Eastern Nebraska Soccer Association (ENSA), or Catholic Youth Soccer Club (CYSL).
  • Each season (Fall and Spring) is 8 weeks long. The games are at various fields in the Omaha/Lincoln area.
  • The registration fee for this program is $110 per season and includes all regular in-season training, equipment, field conditioning, and league fees. The cost for one tournament is also included.
  • Uniforms for the U9-U14 program are not provided and must be purchased separately at a local supplier chosen by St. Columbkille Soccer Club.
IMPORTANT: Due to the passage of LB260, the Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act, we are required to provide you with the Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet (link below). Please read it and review it with the athlete prior to registering.  As part of the registration process you and the athlete you are registering will be required to acknowledge receipt of this information.
More information is also available at the Nebraska Sports Concussion Network.

Soccer Registration Form Fall 2019